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Client Testimonials for Richard House.



Richard House has helped hundreds of people across Middle Tennessee, with some of the most challenging legal matters. Below are the words of some of his many satisfied clients.

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Pamela Papp, divorce client


Mr. House was so great to work with ... he was comforting with me, but aggressive in helping me to reach my goals and get through my situation.  


He was knowledgeable, experienced, with a great attitude.  I knew that he was always there for me and had everything under control.  


He's really great at what he does.  I would highly recommend him.

Patrick DeVaughn, Social Security disability client


My name is Patrick DeVaughn and I just turned 42 years old. Back in 2009 I started having really bad back pain to the point my wife suggested I seek a specialist. After an MRI showed a degenerative disk disease, facet disease and some narrowing of the spinal canal I had to start getting treatments. It started out with injections, decompression therapy, acupuncture, RFL’s (which is the burning of the nerves to stop the pain signal to the brain). After a few years of dealing with all of this it was taking a toll on my family.


The financial burden which this was causing on our marriage was to the point I thought if we didn’t get some type of help, our marriage wouldn’t last. I suffered more than just the physical pain but with all this came depression. Only in my forties, I couldn’t work anymore nor did I have my freedom and independence. I lost my personal income and lifestyle, which I was accustomed to. What was once a normal life, turned into a struggle every day with countless physicians’ visits and constant nagging pain.  



We have two young boys which were being affected by this considerably. This was also having major affects on my job. After I was laid off from my job that I’d had for almost 10 years I had to start looking long term about my family and what might happen if I couldn’t go back to work. My employer did bring me back as a part time worker which allowed my family and I to try the only thing left that we’ve not tried which was surgery. The surgery helped somewhat but not enough for my employer to keep me on so they discharged me.


I can’t begin to describe how I felt at this point. I guess I could say I felt like a failure to my wife, to my children, to everyone in my family. I was at the end of my rope and had no clue as to what I’d do now. I asked around and someone mentioned a lawyer by the name of Richard House and his assistant Cassie Shockley. I contacted him and he took my case and by doing so I will forever be in debt to him.


He did tell me that this would take some time, especially with my age for me to just be patient. He explained to me that most everyone gets denied their first time and with my age probably the second time also. Mr. House and his assistant handled everything for me, all the applications, and the reconsideration appeal. I had heard that it can take up to 18 months to get a hearing in front of a Law Judge but Mr. House had me a hearing inside of 10 months and won my case for me.


Mr. House is my hero. He gave me my life back, not just monetary but mentally as well. When you have always had a paycheck and then you have nothing, you don't even feel like a person anymore, so Mr. House gave me my dignity back which is priceless. I always thought I wasn’t deserving, there are so many others worse off than me, but with the help of my doctors and Richard House, I began to understand that I was/am truly disabled.” Thank you so much Richard House, you have changed my life forever..

Robin Berryman,
Worker's Compensation Client


Mr. House, spent almost four years representing me on a very complex, extremely difficult Workman's Compensation case against one of the biggest hospital in the Nashville area.


He is very diligent, his knowledge of the law was very beneficial in

my situation.  He knows all the changes and updates, which was crucial to winning my case. 


His personality is very unique, even on a very bad day he can put a smile on your face. Mr. House is currently representing me in another case, he is the only Attorney I would ever call. I highly recommend that if you find yourself in need of an Attorney, give Mr. House a call, you will find, that is the ONLY call you need to make.

JR Hayward,
Personal Injury Client


After being rear-ended by a drunk driver, I had significant injuries to my mouth and teeth which left me rather embarrassed of my appearance. My insurance was not going to cover the expensive dental work nor did I have the funds to pay out-of-pocket.


Mr. House dealt with the insurance company and dental provider on my behalf. I was just glad to look like myself again, but the favorable settlement of my claim exceeded my expectations.


I am extremely grateful to Mr. House for all his time and hard work. 


Criminal Defense Client


Sometimes good, hard-working people make bad decisions. Although I had no criminal record, I found myself facing multiple and serious criminal charges.


I had no idea of what to do or expect. Mr. House listened carefully to what I had to say and we achieved a favorable outcome. He exceeded my expectations and I would recommend him to anyone. 


More Client Reviews for Richard House:

Mr. House & his assistant Cassie always was there. During a very difficult time they helped and guided me to the end. Mr. House was very knowledgeable, and always kept me informed. I would highly recommend Mr. House & his staff. A very grateful client.


- a former Client




I would definitely recommend Richard House. His specialty and experience are Workman's Compensation cases. He presents all options and constantly reminds you that YOU are the boss. Mr. House never tried to lean me one way or the other. He speaks to the client on layman's terms to eliminate any confusion. His efficiency expedited my claim very fast.


- a Worker's Compensation client




Richard is very knowledgeable and always took the time to make sure I understood all of my options. He always answered my questions promptly. I would highly recommend Richard.


- a Divorce client




Mr House was excellent and kept me informed of any and all problems or issue that arouse during our time working together! 
Had he not been involved in the issue I would not have gotten ANY TREATMENT for my injury or help in getting that treatment!


- a Worker's Compensation client




I have hired Mr. House for 2 seperate cases over the past 3 years. One was personal and another was concerning my divorce. Both times he got me through with confidence and I felt I could trust him completely. I highly recommend him to anyone am thankful to have had him get me through those difficult times in my life.


- a Divorce client




Mr. House was very professional and honest with me while we were dealing with each other. It's obvious that he has a passion for his profession and wants to do an excellent job for his clients. I would highly recommend him to anyone!


- Ellen, a Criminal Defense (DUI) client




He was awesome! He took great care of me and my case. Stayed on top of every detail and quickly got any issues hammered out.


- Nicole, a Divorce client




I came to Mr. House right before the statute of limitations was up for medical treatment on a car accident. He was very kind, understanding and honest about the potential case before us. He was very clear on what my expectations should or should not be. I found Mr. House through a referral from a friend who told me the exact same things and I found it to be very true. He and his staff were an absolute pleasure to work with. I could always reach him or his assistant and get my questions answered. I felt like I was in good hands and was fully informed and prepared each step of the way. Needless to say, I am extremely happy we chose Mr. House for our legal needs.


- J Jones, a Personal Injury client

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