Social Security Disability

You don't plan on losing your ability to earn a living.


The good news? The panic and urgency you're feeling about your lost income — and how to access Social Security disability benefits — is completely normal.


The better news? Getting off on the right foot in the process (before the initial paperwork leaves your hands) will give you a distinct advantage in the process.


The difference is all in how you approach what is often a very complicated and time-consuming process. One that involves a lot of steps. And a lot of legal red tape.


And I can help.


I am hands-on from the start, to ensure you get the help you need to secure the benefits you deserve.


Anything that contributes to inability to work is important to a Social Security disability claim. A disabled person needs an advocate who can develop the necessary record — one that includes all of the medical evidence — to establish a claim.


My team here at Richard House Law works with folks across Middle Tennessee — like yourself — to guide you in gathering and providing the important, relevant information, so that your claim in handled in a timely and thorough manner.


I've helped dozens of folks take disability cases through the system. I understand what you're going through. And I can help.


Please note that we are not a volume practice and are selective in the number of Social Security disability clients we can assist at any one time. Our reason is a good one — we want to ensure that we are able to provide our full set of resources to each client, as efficiently as possible.


I offer a no-cost consultation to talk about your disability claim, and to answer your questions. Please give me a call at (615)550-2191. Let's talk and see how I can help.


Richard House, Esq.


Richard, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done and what this means to my family and I. It's almost unreal. 


I thank God that I met you when I did or who knows when I would have even started filing much less who I would have representing me. I'm so thankful it was you.


You did a wonderful job. Thank you.


                                               - Patrick DeVaughn

                                                 disability client


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Visit the Testimonials page.

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