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 Criminal Defense


Sometimes good, hard-working people make bad decisions. Although I had no criminal record, I found myself facing multiple and serious criminal charges.


I had no idea of what to do or expect. Mr. House listened carefully to what I had to say and we achieved a favorable outcome. He exceeded my expectations and I would recommend him to anyone. 


                                - Paul

                                  criminal defense client

Being charged with a crime is a crushing feeling.


Whether the charge is serious or not, you will need guidance so that your questions about the process are answered and the effect upon your future is understood.


No matter if you are charged with a DUI, Assault, Theft or Possession, your situation is fact driven. For that reason your matter must be reviewed carefully so that the most favorable outcome or defense can be presented.


There is no benefit to waiting before you contact an attorney.


In fact, there are often steps that should be taken immediately to benefit your defense.


Give me a call, and let's talk about the decisions you face. I can be reached at (615)550-2191.


- Richard House, Esq.

How I can help with your criminal matter:

Every criminal charge deserves a thorough review of the facts and an understanding of the law involved.


  • listen to what happened and determine the events that resulted in your charge


  • answer all of your questions concering the process and establish your options


  • explain all of the legal implications and how they can affect you after the legal process is completed


  • assist with achieving a favorable defense and outcome

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And learn what some of Richard House's satisfied clients have to say about the ways he can help.

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