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Personal Injury


After being rear-ended by a drunk driver, I had significant injuries to my mouth and teeth which left me rather embarrassed of my appearance. My insurance was not going to cover the expensive dental work nor did I have the funds to pay out-of-pocket.


Mr. House dealt with the insurance company and dental provider on my behalf. I was just glad to look like myself again, but the favorable settlement of my claim exceeded my expectations.


I am extremely grateful to Mr. House for all his time and hard work. 


                                       -JR Hayward

                                        personal injury client

Get the help you need. And deserve.


Whether you've been in a car wreck, bike accident, motorcycle accident, or had a fall or injury on someone else's property — it's imperative that you have an attorney helping you from the beginning.


What most people don't know about personal injury law in Tennessee is that your insurance company will want a statement immediately after your injury happens. Why? To limit its financial obligations to you.


This requirement from the insuror — coupled with tough questions on how lost wages, medical bills, and property damage are treated — means you need an advocate to fight for your legal right to get ALL of the care and compensation you need. And deserve.


If you've been injured, I can help.


While the process can be complicated and requires gathering a lot of information — especially when you're having to coordinate between employers, medical care providers, etc. — it doesn't have to be as hard, especially with an experienced hand to guide you.


What you need is two-fold:


     1.  An advocate to navigate any complications and serve as the legal liason between the insurance company and all of the

         entities standing in the way between you and the care and compensation you deserve.


     2.  The necessary time to get all of the medical care you need and not be subject to the pressure of the insurance 

          company to sign off on a settlement before you're ready.


While certain personal injury matters can be addressed quickly, some will require more precision (and time) on my part to ensure that you get everything you're entitled to legally.


Simply put, when you or your loved one is injured, I'm the person you want representing your best interests.


Call me at (615)550-2191 to schedule a no-cost consultation about your injury.


Richard House, Esq.

What you need to know about personal injury law in Tennessee:

Every personal injury case is unique, and requires analysis by experienced counsel, who can give you advice and guidance based on your particular injuries, history, and situation.

  • particulars like pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of earnings and earning capacity — these can be affected by pre-existing conditions


  • details like who the legally liable parties are, what the deadlines are for filing a claim, and how damages are calculated all affect your ability to receive compensation


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