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 Worker's Compensation


Mr. House, spent almost four years representing me on a very complex, extremely difficult Workman's Compensation case against one of the biggest hospital in the Nashville area.


He is very  diligent, his knowledge of the law was very beneficial in

my situation.  He knows all the changes and updates, which was crucial to winning my case. 


His personality is very unique, even on a very bad day he can put a smile on your face. Mr. House is currently representing me in another case, he is the only Attorney I would ever call. I highly recommend that if you find yourself in need of an Attorney, give Mr. House a call, you will find, that is the ONLY call you need to make.


                                      - Robin Berryman

                                        worker's compensation client

Are you getting what you truly deserve?


The simple truth of it is that when you're already experiencing financial hardships of any kind, the withholding of medical care or other benefits is just too much for anyone to bear.


If you're already looking for a lawyer to help with your worker's compensation case and found me online, I imagine you're unsatisfied with your legal experiences so far.


If you're not getting the medical care you need to get back on your feet and back to earning a living, or if you feel like you're getting the runaround from your employers, doctors, or the system itself — there's a place you can turn for help.


The solution to your worker's compensation case starts with a simple phone call.


I help people, like you, get the benefits they need and deserve. As a former appelate hearing officer, I have years of experience in dealing with all sides of worker's comp claims. And with the recent, significant changes to the Tennessee worker's comp system, claimaints need guidance through the process more than ever. 


No matter where you are in the process, I can help you understand your options. And I can advocate for you — to make sure tha that you receive all of the medical care and additional benefits you're entitled to under Tennessee law.


Specifically, I can help you understand the following important issues when it comes to your worker's comp claim:


  • The ins-and-outs of disability, and the continuation of income while your receive medical treatment for your injury and recover from surgical and other procedures.


  • ​The legal requirements your employer must adhere to, to ensure that you have medical options to choose from.


  • The financial benefits that Tennessee law affords you, so that you get all of the medical and related care that you're entitled to receive.

Take the first step in getting the help you need and deserve. I can answer your questions in a no-cost conversation about your worker's comp case. Call anytime — I can be reached at (615)550-2191.


Richard House, Esq.

What you need to know about Tennnessee's 2014 Worker's Compensation law:

Tennessee's worker's compensation laws have recently undergone major changes (as of July 2014).


Now, part of all claims are handled now through the Court of Worker's Compensation Claims, with appointed judges making all decisions on issues of temporary and permanent worker's compensation benefits.


  • The definition of injury has changed in Tennessee.


  • How worker's benefits are calcuated has changed.


  • Employers now have increased access to your medical records, without your consent.


  • In the past, close cases were to be decided in the favor of the worker. Under the new law, decisions are to be made without favoring either party.

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